Teaching Documents

Teaching Materials

Backpack includes a full suite of training materials, resources, and readings that help facilitate learning. All the modules are incorporated into slide decks, worksheets, and readings, available to participants. Some of the materials are attached below:

READING | Why Advocacy Doesn't Work

Advocacy isn't an end goal by itself. Recognize that providing information cannot be your sole purpose. Information is rarely scarce, courage to make strong decisions is often scarce. This short reading provides a short and direct explanation of how advocacy isn't enough through Brian Chang's experience in the HIV/AIDS non-profit sector. 

WORKSHEET | Backpack - Values

Core values are powerful expressions of important ideas we have of the world. They are persistent, deeply held values that affect how we interact with others, the things we want in the world, and our ideal world. This worksheet helps identify some of the values and a starting place to see how shared values can bind people together.

SLIDES | Conversations for Change: More than just Canvassing

This Canvassing training was developed for the Toronto and York Region Labour Council. Including best practices, information on types of canvasses, marks, lists, and emotional intelligence. This training was uniquely developed for Labour Council.